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Dancing in the light

Posted on July 1st , 2012

We live in a world where we literally have information at our fingertips.

A tap of your smartphone or a press of a key and you can find out anything.

Like the universe the Internet is expanding and in this fog of words it is easy to feel lost.

You might feel that your site is like the person stuck at the back when the headline act is playing at Glasotonbury.

The cool cats are at the front. Your site needs to join them if it is to succeed.

This is where a campaign of blogs, press releases and SEO techniques can help.

Well chosen words directed in the right direction and suddenly you are shaking hands with the star.

In the video for Bruce Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark Courtney Cox was plucked from the crowd to dance with him.

"You can't start a fire without a spark..."


Can a piano playing cat help your website?

Posted on June 29, 2012

People love the strange, the exotic and the entertaining.

You only have to consider the popularity of Britain's Got Talent to know that good old-fashioned quirkiness never fails.

Now your site can embrace our love of the different and slightly bizarre.

Your website should deal with the nuts and bolts of your business. That is what people want to know.

A blog can look at your product or service from a slightly tangential angle.

It can be serious, funny or preferably both.

If you think of potential customers akin to bees your blog is the brightly coloured flower sending out its scent.

Say only say four hundred were drawn in by your blog and just four bought products.

The blog will only cost £20 but those four people might spend £2000.

Your blog can be the piano playing cat attracting customers ready to purrrchase your purrrfect products. (Sorry!)


Get your website on the dance floor

Posted on June 27, 2012

In the last few years a new verb has been created. To google.

We have become google-eyed.

I want to buy a new pair of swimming trunks. Search on google.

You can’t think of what to buy Auntie Mary. Where do you go? Google.

If you have a website you can’t let it act like a shy boy at a disco. You have to get your site out there or it will never get kissed.

Your site can be like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

A well written original blog can be like his white suit and attract the eye. We can also help make sure your web content keeps them looking.

Contact us today and we will get your website dancing.



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